Jan 7, 2017


In the Ekcolir Reality.
Cover art by Antonio Schomburg.
Original art work by Zdeněk Burian.
I recently blogged about Trysta and her role in the Final Reality Change. Today I had a discussion with Yōd and Zeta that touched on Ekcolir and his role in creating the Final Reality.

The means of creating the Ek'col were developed in the Asimov Reality. Ekcolir, the prototypical Ek'col, lived in the next Reality, what I call the Ekcolir Reality. Ekcolir was sent to Earth in the 20th century of the Ekcolir Reality; he was deployed on an Interventionist mission. He successfully won the trust of Trysta and made possible constructive interactions between Trysta and Grean, which ultimately lead to the Trysta-Grean Pact and the end of the Time Travel War.

To play his part in creating the Final Reality, Ekcolir was sent back about 20,000 years into the past. According to Zeta, Ekcolir's mission in the past was designed to insert some special gene combinations into the population of humans on Earth.

In the Ekcolir Reality. source
Yōd believes that the Ek'col are "mobile gene editing devices" that can process human chromosomes, producing precisely edited genomes. Zeta suggests that the Ek'col have a specialized femtobot endosymbiont that allows for access to the a vast computational capacity that lies within the Sedronic Domain. Normally, human zeptite endosymbionts only send information from the Hadronic Domain to the Sedronic Domain. According to Yōd, the femtobot endosymbiont of the Ek'col is a kind of "hack" that allows information to flow from the Sedronic Domain to guide the gene editing femtobots inside the body of an Ek'col.

Trysta and Ekcolir
Zeta speculates that all Ekcolir had to do when he arrived 20,000 years in our past was impregnate a few women. That led to the formation of a new tribe of humans who carried their special genes into the future of Earth, eventually resulting in a population residing near Phasi who were "ready and waiting" for the arrival of Trysta 10,000 years after Ekcolir arrived in our past. It was Trysta who then triggered the acceleration of technological process among the residents of Phasi by providing them with their own type of femtobot endosymbiont, the "Phari endosymbiont".

Apparently Ekcolir is a folk hero on Tar'tron, so Yōd is contaminated with many stories about Ekcolir which might not be based on facts. Yōd accepts that the Ek'col were crafted on Yrwerd, but Yōd insists that Ekcolir spent a considerable amount of time living on Tar'tron. Yōd believes that Ekcolir was trained on Tar'tron for his mission to the far past of Earth.

Syon's search.
Rilocke and Syon
Ekcolir came up today in the context of our discussion about who might currently be residing at Observer Base. Both Zeta and Yōd believe that Ekcolir and Trysta probably died on Earth in the far past. However, they both lived on as artificial life forms named Rilocke and Syon.

Rilocke spent some time in the Koly star system, then traveled on the Buld spaceship that came to Earth. Syon arrived in the Koly star system long after Rilocke had already departed. Yōd suspects that Syon eventually teleported to the Solar System about the time when the pek abandoned their control of Observer Base, possibly using the teleportation terminal located inside the Base.

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