Jan 7, 2017

A Little Green Woman

Little Green Men (1951)
Zeta has been passing along to me reports from the Hierion Domain concerning the exploits of Nivsaham at Observer Base. These reports seem to provide supporting evidence the idea that replicoids were originally created as nanoscopic "copies" of people. The replicoids who we routinely notice are the same size as people, but we really should not forget about the nanoscopic replicoids. Here in the Final Reality, who has the technological ability to make nanoscopic replicoids?

Grean Tricks
Previously, I learned that the phrase "Grean nanites" had been mistakenly heard as "green nanites". Similarly, Grean frequently deployed femtobot agents on Earth, what were known as "Grean's little men" among the residents of the Writers Block. Zeta believes that Nivsaham is one such agent and female; what a Yōd jokingly calls a "little green woman".

Grean nanites
Another rumor reaching me from the Hierion Domain concerns the original meaning of "Grean" Apparently one of the biological species that gave rise to the Huaoshy was an egg-laying species with similarities to Earthly birds. According to Zeta, their word for "hatch" was eventually translated into the word that we know as "grean". Grean was crafted and trained and deployed to Earth as the Kac'hin agent who would "hatch Earthlings", converting us from a dead end species to a viable Sedronite that could spread among the stars.

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According to Zeta, Cecilie has found intriguing references in the archives of the Writers Block to a book call Nanomancy that was written by Hafren Wells in the Ekcolir Reality. That book may have provided an influential account of how replicoids were utilized to provide Temporal Momentum during Reality Changes. However, Yōd believes that we will never get to see a copy of Nanomancy because it has been put on some kind of restricted reading list. The whimsical illustration to the right was made using "Red dress 2" by Mihaela-VStock (Mihaela Voicu).

Visualizing nanoscopic Hierion Tubes
I suspect that Lili and Nivsaham could answer most of our questions about replicoids and femtobots. In my case, I already harbor resentments over the actions of my own replicoid, so it may be that the less people like me know, the better.

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock" that I used to create the green "sedronite" who is in the image shown to the left.

It might also be the case that I've previously been informed about how artificial life forms such as replicoids (and Nivsaham, specifically) have been deployed for missions on Earth and in the Hierion Domain "near" Earth. I may have voluntarily had that knowledge erased from my mind in order to make it possible for me to remain on Earth.

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