Jan 30, 2017

Sedron Pods

Reconstructed from the Ekcolir Reality.
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Today's news out of the Hierion Domain is that Asimov's replicoid has finally emerged from the AR Simulation. According to Yōd, Asimov's replicoid tried to "hack into" a concealed part of the Asimov Reality database that holds the secret to how sedrons were obtained for use in interstellar space travel.

Apparently the Asimov's replicoid earned himself a visit with R. Gohrlay. Zeta believes that under the Trysta-Grean Pact, we Earthlings are not allowed to obtain advanced technology from Interventionists. In the Asimov Reality, Earthlings were allowed to use sedron-powered spacecraft, but the alien science and technology that allowed humans to spread through the galaxy in Deep Time are not going to be shared with us here in our universe.

Reconstructed from the Ekcolir Reality.
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These restrictions on alien-derived technology also include hierion-based technologies such as femtobots.

According to Zeta, in the Ekcolir Reality, Sam Jaqy wrote a novel called The Femtobot Paladins that explained the source of the femtobots that drove Howard Treesong to commit his monumental crimes.

In The Jarnell Sedron Pod, Sam Jaqy provided a detailed account of the method that was used to obtain sedrons for use in the Jarnell Intersplit faster-than-light spaceship drive.

Reconstructed from
the Asimov Reality. image credits
Kirth Gersen and Alice Wroke were able to obtain well-preserved tissue from the body of Howard Treesong. Otho Cleadhoe marmelized Treesong after his death. A team of scientists was able to isolate femtobots from Treesong's preserved brain tissue.

According to Zeta, the archives of the Writers Block mention a book called Blue Forest Camp that was written by Alice Wroke in the Asimov Reality. Although hierions were discovered in Treesong's brain, the first practical applications of hierions in human technology did not come until much later, after humans had reached Alastor Cluster.

Yōd believes that the Asimov replicoid had his memories "sanitized" before he was allowed to exit from the AR Simulation.

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