Dec 14, 2014

Horse Punk

Magazine cover for Thomas' short article.
Bringing into existence the Buld Reality, the universe as we know it, was not easy. As part of that complex Reality Change, Trysta went back 10,000 years into our past to the ancient city of Phasi.

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The story of Trysta's final trip through time has (so far) been told to the world in fragmentary parts. If the Overseers don't mind, more details are on the way.

Horse Punk
Trysta's departure from the 20th century and her arrival in the past is documented in Horse Punk, as told by Trysta's son, Thomas.

I've previously blogged about the Phasian Intervention. The main objective of Trysta's mission into the past is to establish on Earth a teleportation terminal that will facilitate the work of additional Interventionist agents.

When Trysta arrives in ancient Phasi, she works with a Preland who we know as Noah, of biblical fame. Noah helps Trysta impress the people of Phasi by serving as Trysta's mount. Noah can make use of advanced nanites to morph and take on any convenient physical form.

Trysta times her arrival at Phasi to occur just before a dramatic rise in the level of the Black Sea. Noah makes such a fuss about the impending flood that the name "Noah" is forever linked in myth and lore to the Flood.

The other published story about Trysta's last time travel mission is The Phasian Knot by Ivory Fersoni. Ivory tried to constrain her enthusiasm for the topic by writing The Phasian Knot in the format of a scientific journal article.

Thomas: the rest of the story
The image to the left is the cover for Thomas' more complete telling of Trysta's adventures during her final time travel mission.
Related item. I spent some time searching the interwebs for illustrations of nanite-mediated morphing.

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The Exode Trilogy is full of artificial lifeforms that can morph their bodies by rearranging their nanite components

Take a look at this animation: "Under Her Skin" by CrinitusArt.

More book and magazine covers.

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