Dec 26, 2014

Second Contact

I continue to be a source of amusement and frustration for Anney. However, she did provide constructive feedback for my first attempt to chart the relationship between we humans and the tryp'At.

The new version of the human family tree shown here (to the right) provides some insight into why the tryp'At and the Buld have both been allowed to set foot on Earth. There was a calculated effort to make both the tryp'At and the Buld  physically indistinguishable from we Earthlings, at least upon casual inspection.

First Contact
Actually, the idea that either the tryp'At or the Buld have visited Earth is only the stuff of rumor and legend. I've been told that two years ago a few Buld set foot on Earth, but they quickly departed and have not returned. Anney believes that there are tryp'At Overseers keeping an eye on Earth, acting as vigilantes and enforcing their interpretation of the Trysta-Grean Pact. Of course, that enrages Anney since she thinks that the tryp'At were intentionally designed as a way to cheat and skirt around the terms of the Pact.

If we count the arrival of the Buld spaceship on Earth as "first contact" then we have to rate it as a bust. The Buld stayed just long enough to pick up a few "alien refugees" who wanted to get off of this planet. Nobody else noticed.

Second Contact
Can we count human interactions with the tryp'At as "second contact"? Anney suggests that the tryp'At have been present in the Solar System only since 2012, but how can we be sure? Anney has been troubled by the fact that Resh^Ki claims to be a hybrid Kac'hin-tryp'At. I recently recovered memories about Svahr from my replicoid in the Hierion Domain. Svahr claims to be a hybrid human-tryp'At.

If the tryp'At are nearly indistinguishable from humans and can reproduce successfully with both humans and Kac'hin, then how can we know when humans first had contact with the tryp'At?

While writing my previous blog post I was trying to understand the origins of Resh^Ki. I now understand that Karonis, a Kac'hin hermaphrodite, was Resh^Ki's grandfather.

I've long been fascinated by the idea that the last use of time travel was by Trysta when she went 10,000 years into our past. However, Svahr insists that Karonis and Trysta's daughter Hyanti lived together in the Koly star system 10,000 years ago.

Athlash and Trysta
Anney insists that Karonis is alive and well and now living happily with Lili in the Galactic Core. Many questions remain.....

Is Karonis a time traveler? Are there multiple "Karonis clones"? Are there other means for "duplicating" (such as teleportation) that might account for multiple "copies of Karonis" to exist across a span of 10,000 years?

The Hermaphrodite Chronicles
Anney tells me that I've never faced up to the fact that the human species was engineered by the Nereids who, while themselves originating from Earthly primate stock, were engineered by the pek to have what Anney calls "the basic O'typ" reproductive system, a form of gynodioecy.

According to Anney, all Sedronites, including humans, carry genes that make possible hermaphroditic developmental programs. Among the Sedronites, the Ek'col and we humans are exceptional for having males. Among the Ek'col, a genetically engineered primate species with androdioecy, most individuals are hermaphrodites and only on rare occasions are males born. Ek'col males were brought into existence for only one purpose: to allow Asterothrope genes to merge into the human gene pool.

Svahr alters the fate of Isaac Asimov.
Art work by Boris Vallejo.
Of course, "the human gene pool" refers to the genes of we Earthlings and the source of  "Asterothrope genes" was Trysta. Anney and Svahr have convinced me that there has been ample opportunity for "Tayge clones" to insert Asterothrope gene combinations into the human gene pool during the past 10,000 years. To quote Svahr, who made this all very clear: "No Earthling should be surprised to learn that they carry gene clusters that originated from Trysta."

Anney insists that I'm wrong about this, but I can't help suspecting that Trysta was not the only alien "spicing up" the human gene pool. Ivory claimed that the people of Phasi all carried a genetic pattern that was brought to Earth by Ekcolir 20,000 years ago. The tryp'At seem to have been specifically designed to function as vectors for the stealthy dissemination of alien genes. The tryp'At might not have arrived on Earth in a spaceship, but they might have arrived long ago.....if so, maybe we Earthlings should count that as First Contact.
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