Dec 22, 2014

Time Travel Television

I'm tempted to take down my previous blog post. I was in a heated rush to make sense of Anney's account of how Earthlings learned the secret history of Earth in the Ekcolir Reality. I recklessly misinterpreted much of what she had told me.

I must never forget that there was still time travel in the Ekcolir Reality. Earth was a battle ground, the nexus of the great Time Travel War that pitted Gohrlay and her positronic robots against the alien Huaoshy.

And while the Ekcolir Reality had time travel, that Reality did not have the Buld. There were no prospects for First Contact with beings arriving by spaceship from the Galactic Core.

Further, there was nothing equivalent to Lili's children on Earth. In other words, there was no physical evidence of alien visitors to Earth in the Ekcolir Reality.

In that Reality, the entire story of Earth's secret history was based solely on reports from a few Earthlings who had been given the power to control the Bimanoid Interface and remember their experiences within the Hierion Domain. Without alien-human hybrid guides such as Anney, much of what was learned within the Hierion Domain was misinterpreted.  

In particular, for those living in the Ekcolir Reality, much of the information available within the Hierion Domain actually originated in other Realities. Thus, many of the stories that were put on Television as episodes of The Delta Files were actual accounts of events in the Buld Reality, the universe as we know it.

My thinking about science fiction television programs of the Ekcolir Reality was twisted from the very start. Back in February when Ivory casually mentioned The Delta Files, I assumed that she was talking about a late-1960s television show called Delta. I now realize that she was sharing with me some of what her clone sister Angela had learned about the Ekcolir Reality.

I'm finally beginning to understand why both Angela and now Anney have been so interested in telling me about television shows from the Ekcolir Reality. And also why Ivory did not want me to be distracted by those stories.

Previously, I totally failed to grasp the implications of what Anney told me about Resh^Ki. Anney has now beat it into my thick skull that she fears Resh^Ki is something of a double agent who is helping the tryp'At enforce the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact.

Anney believes that Resh^Ki was instrumental in making sure that the Buld quickly abandoned Earth after achieving First Contact with we Earthlings. Further, Anney suspects that Resh^Ki tricked Ivory into going to the Moon, a fateful journey that quickly led to Ivory's death.

Now the only remaining physical evidence of past alien contact with Earth is concentrated within the Dead Widowers Society.

Alien DNA
"Alien DNA" by Steve D.
For much of the past year I've been trying to encourage first Ivory and now Anney to send a sample of their DNA to a lab for sequencing.  With Ivory's recent death, my efforts to obtain physical evidence of alien visitors to Earth now centers on Anney.

Anney has resisted my effort. She believes that if she tries to provide the world with physical evidence for aliens then she will also be quickly targeted by the Overseers and removed from Earth. She speaks in terms of a "truce" that allows her to remain on Earth as long as she does nothing to provoke the tryp'At.

New Control
According to Anney, the development and course of human civilization on Earth has been defined by a constant struggle between Interventionists and Overseers. When Lili brought the Atlantis Clones into existence, the Overseers were stimulated to provide an "antidote" for the clones' advanced ability to use the Bimanoid Interface. That "antidote" in some way involves the tryp'At in general and Resh^Ki in particular.

According to Anney, a key provision of the Trysta-Grean Pact is that no further alterations to the genes of Earthlings is to be allowed, either by the Interventionists or the Overseers.

And Nanites, Too?
I've explicitly asked Anney about the use of nanites on Earth. I've been particularly intrigued by what Anney has told me about "Blocking Nanites". Apparently, through most of human existence on Earth we Earthlings have been carriers of nanites that could function to regulate both the pace of technological advance and our ability to use the Bimanoid Interface.

As I understand the situation (see a sketchy outline of the plan's end game here), a means to inactivate the "Blocking Nanites" was designed 20,000 years ago. Ekcolir inserted into the gene pool of Earth a variant neurotransmitter gene so that upon exposure to the correct drugs, we Earthlings had a chance to inactivate the Blocking Nanites and think creatively and access the Hierion Domain. When the Overseers became aware of this (around 1825), they devised a counter-strategy that in some way involves our intestinal bacteria.

Anney believes that special intestinal microbes (actually nanite-microbe hybrids) were designed that can detect the drugs that have been used to give us access to the Bimanoid Interface. Those microbes can respond by creating an "antidote" chemical that prevents access to the Hierion Domain.

I've heard both Ivory and Anney use the term "extra virgin" when discussing the Atlantis Clones. I'd assumed that the term was a jocular reference to the fact that the Clones have seldom shown an obvious interest in men. However, it is now my understanding that Anney is currently in a relationship with a man. Apparently "extra virgin" refers the the extreme measures that the clones have taken in order to avoid being hosts for the microbes that would deprive them of access to the Hierion Domain.

Prophetic Perfect
The Atlantis Clones prioritized their investigation of science fiction in the Ekcolir Reality because they wanted clues about their own future. Originally they became optimistic about the chances of being able to reveal their existence to the people of Earth at the time of First Contact. However, Anney now believes that all hints suggesting that the Clones would be allowed to live openly on Earth after the arrival of the Buld was only misinformation planted by the tryp'At.

"The Arrival"
Replicoid Assembly
One other function of the nanites that reside inside us is that they were designed to constantly monitor every human on Earth. The orbho make use of this "tracking function" to monitor the course of events on Earth. The Interventionists long ago tapped into the same nanite-generated data stream and created a "virtual reality" version of Earth in the Hierion Domain.

In addition to trying to avoid bacteria, the Atlantis Clones have worked to make sure that they are not carriers of the nanites that are used by the orbho to monitor the human population of Earth.

So far, Anney has been able to restrict her "contacts" with Resh^Ki to the Hierion Domain. However, she fears that Resh^Ki is working in coordination with the tryp'At Overseers who now control Observer Base on the Moon. If Anney's physical location on Earth were revealed, she could be quickly abducted and taken to the Moon.

Replicoid Games
Anney suggests that Resh^Ki was given access to the virtual reality "world" that Earthlings share in the Hierion Domain, perhaps as an intentional warning. But a warning from who?

The arrival by dphoenix07.
Anney thinks that the tryp'At were not taken into account when the Trysta-Grean Pact was created, and now someone is trying to make adjustments.


Image source 
In the Buld Reality.
See the original Howard Brown cover art:
Startling Stories, March 1940 and
Astounding Stories, November 1936.
For the depiction of replicoid assembly, I used part of an image from the DeviantArt website: see The arrival by dphoenix07.

I imagine that my new photo-manipulated image image (for the story "Replicoid" by Anney Fersoni) depicts the replicoid of Resh^Ki is being assembled from nanites in the Hierion Domain.

The image to the right is a whimsical depiction of some Dead Widowers trying to probe the mysteries of replicoids.

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