May 1, 2015


The pek pulped.
When the Huaoshy transcended their physical existence in the Hadronic Domain and became a sedronic lifeform, they left behind the pek as caretakers for the universe of galaxies. The pek are shape-shifters who can take on any convenient physical form. The image to the right has a whimsical depiction of a pek in the form of a pulp fiction alien creature.

When Parthney is on Hemmal, he lives among pek and Buld. The Buld are allowed to think of the pek as servants, but in reality, the pek carefully control all aspects of Buld and Preland life. For example, working "behind the scenes", the pek constantly monitor Earth and they make sure that the spoken language on Hemmal matches the English language as it exists on Earth. This allows Parthney to be sent to Earth and function as an Interventionist agent in English speaking countries.

The Foundations of Eternity
At Lendhalen, the Pla have taken extraordinary efforts to make sure that the pek are excluded. The Pla believe that they have been successful, but there are three different "generations" of nanites. The least sophisticated nanites are made of conventional matter and they can be inactivated by exposure to a powerful magnetic field. The Pla are allowed to believe that the pek cannot function as artificial life forms after being exposed to a strong magnetic field.

However, the pek actually have sophisticated "third generation" nanites that are not influenced by electromagnetism and they have no trouble monitoring the activities of the Pla and events at Lendhalen.

In The Foundations of Eternity, the pek who control Observer Base are known as "orbho", a word from an ancient human language.

May Day
In April I began a series of blog posts that are intended to allow me to update and consolidate my thinking about key characters and plot elements found in the Exode Trilogy. I'll be continuing that project during the month of May.

From April:
Grean - the Kac'hin who ends the Time Travel War
Huaoshy - the god-like aliens who alter the dimensional structure of the universe
Denisov Maghylose - a male "version" of Grean
Tar'tron - a planet of the Galactic Core
Ivory Fersoni - one of the residents of Earth who helps make possible the work of "the Editor"
Thomas Iwedon - one of Trysta's children; a science fiction story writer
Ekcolir Reality - the Reality that existed just before the world as we know it came into existence
Asimov Reality - a Reality that existed between the Foundation Reality and the Ekcolir Reality
Hana's Husband - a "red herring" in Exode.
Parthney - the main Interventionist agent of Exode.
Lendhalen - the Interventionist base where Parthney is trained for his mission to Earth
Gwyned - the sister of Thomas. She passes a key piece of information to Parthney while they are together at Lendhalen

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