May 30, 2015

Planet of the Gods

In the Ekcolir Reality
In the Golden Age of science fiction, it was still possible for wishful thinkers (like Campbell) to imagine that Mars had some plant life, but now it was essentially a "dead planet" where a glorious technologically advanced civilization might have risen and fallen long before humans arrived. And that Venus has living creatures just like Earth. And that planetary systems would be rare in the galaxy. And that Earth-like planets might be found around a young star like Vega. Vega?

Yes, Vega. As one of the brightest stars in Earth's sky, Vega has been a popular destination for science fiction story writers.

Vega was written into Carl Sagan's science fiction novel Contact. Isaac Asimov and Jack Vance also included Vega in their science fiction stories. Sadly, Vega is such a young star that it is unlikely to have an Earth-like planet in orbit.

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In the December 1942 issue of Amazing Stories, one of the stories was "Planet of the Gods" by Robert Moore Williams. Williams imagined that an expedition from Earth arrives on the Earth-like world that orbits Vega. The planet is populated by human-like aliens who have telepathic powers (see the image to the left).

He Was Dead, Jeb
in the Ekcolir Reality
Just before landing on the Vegan planet, three crew members are killed in a "space battle". The crew lands their damaged ship and buries their three dead crew members. The next day, the three dead men are alive again, having been brought back to life by the Vegans. The Vegans are ancient and have very advanced technology. The "space battle" was fought against one of their automated space forts, long ago left in orbit. Although the Vegan's now live in post-industrial bliss among the forest groves of their world, they long ago traveled to the stars. We Earthlings can trace our origins to the Vegans who long ago visited Earth.

Moore Alternate
Censored in the Buld Reality
In the Ekcolir Reality, Robert Williams became a conduit for release of information about the secret history of Earth. According to Gohrlay, Williams had a "close encounter" with a positronic robot and he came into possession of some infites that provided him with a fairly complete, if garbled, understanding of the fact that Earth had long ago been contacted by aliens.

The World As We Know It
In the Buld Reality, the world as we know it, Williams was one of the science fiction writers who was contacted by the Dead Widowers during 20th century. Once again, the analogue of Williams was provided with a swarm of infites, leading to an attempt to pass forbidden knowledge into our timeline.

Gohrlay showed me a novel that Williams wrote: Planet of the Fru'wu. In 1958, soon after trying to publish Planet of the Fru'wu, Williams was removed from Earth. According to Gohrlay, Williams was replaced by an artificial life form that could perfectly mimic his behavior during the remaining years of "his life" on Earth, but his science fiction writing career was over.

in the Ekcolir Reality
Gohrlay claims that the first infites that were transferred to me were those that had originally been provided to Williams. Williams was an unfortunate "test subject" for the Experimental Interventionists who were trying to probe the nature of the Trysta-Grean Pact during the 20th century. Eventually they realized that no release of information about the secret history of Earth would be tolerated until after the end of the Time Travel Era.

I was forced to carry the "Williams infites" for several decades before I was allowed to become consciously aware of their information content. Early in this millennium, I began writing stories that were set in Exodemic Fictional Universe, but I was still kept under strict restraints until after the Buld visit to Earth in 2012.

According to Gohrlay, the true importance of Vega for Earth is that the rogue planet Yrwerd is now located near Vega.

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