May 3, 2015


D'hab, Reginal, Parthney, Ario.
The Exode Trilogy began with the novel Exode which I intended to provide a detailed account of the origins and motivations of the Interventionist agents (like Parthney) who visit Earth and help shape human history.

For several years I have been using the page about Interventionists that is on my WordPress blog as a quick summary of my thinking about Interventionists. It is time to update my views on Interventionists, particularly those who appear in the Exode Trilogy.

In the Beginning
The origin of the human species.

About 2,000,000,000 years ago, the Huaoshy transcended their physical existence within the Hadronic Domain. They became a new form of artificial life existing within the Sedronic Domain, what we could refer to as the first Sedronites.

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock" that I used to create the blue "sedronite" who is in the image shown below.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to the Sedronic Domain: some of the original Sedronites retained an interest in the universe of stars and galaxies...they became the first Interventionists. Making use of the pek, those original Interventionists started searching through thousands of galaxies trying to find Earth-like planets and new technological civilizations. All they found were the remnants of civilizations that had self-destructed.

Extinction curve

So, the Interventionists tried to save humanoids from themselves. Sadly, the early Interventionists discovered that their attempts to help human-like creatures survive their technological adolescence seldom had a happy ending. If they openly had First Contact with primitive cultures the effect almost always had disastrous consequences. Rather than help save budding civilization, the Interventionists only made things worse.

The Dead Widower Society
The Huaoshy were forced to develop a set of ethical principles that would allow the pek to continue to spread through the universe while doing the least harm. Sadly, I've never met anyone who claims to have great insight into the Huaoshy and what they view as "ethical". The Huaoshy are as different from we humans as we are different from a bacterium. However, there have been attempts by the Dead Widowers to imagine and write down in English what they call The Rules of Intervention, the ethical guidelines that seem to constrain the aliens who directly interact with we Earthlings.

From the perspective of we humans, the Nereids are the face of the Interventionist movement. The Nereids originated as primates from Earth. About seven million years ago the pek took some primates from Earth to worlds of the Galactic Core where genetic engineering and artificial selection were used to create the Nereids, a new species not too different from we humans.

The Nereids transcended to the Sedronic Domain long before we humans came into existence. However, the Nereids left behind in the Hadronic Domain their robotic helpers, the Grendels. The Grendels worked for millions of years in a covert effort to violate the Rules of Intervention and bring into existence the human species.

The Rules of Intervention
Apparently, the key ethical rule of the Huaoshy is that planets such as Earth, which the Nereids referred to as "Garden Worlds", are to never become the home of technology-wielding creatures like we humans. It was only through the meddling Interventionism of the Nereids and the Grendels that we humans came into existence.

However, it seems likely that the Grendels have always tried to follow their own version of the Rules of Intervention, which is another way of saying that their efforts on Earth have been guided by ethical principles. In particular, the Grendels seem to have always taken pains to make sure that we Earthlings remained unaware of the existence of alien visitors to Earth.

According to Angela, it is not at all clear that the Nereids ever intended for a technological civilization like ours to arise on Earth. Apparently, something went terribly wrong during the Nereid Intervention.

In simple terms, what went wrong was that the Overseers lost control of Earth. A tribe of telepathic positronic robots took Earth's fate into their hands.

The Foundations of Eternity
I'm still puzzled by the origin of those positronic robots and I find it hard to believe that Ghorlay's conversion to R. Ghorlay was just a chance event. I can't help wondering if the Grendels played a role in excluding the Overseers from Earth.

I've tried to share my understanding of "what went wrong with Earth" in The Foundations of Eternity. However, I've gradually realized that there is much more to the secret history of Earth and now The Foundations of Eternity is just one book in the Exode Trilogy. What complicates the story of our origins is that Time Travel used to be possible in the universe, so there was a long series of previous Realities that led to the universe as we know it.

Sorting through the Realities of Earth is tricky, but I have been able to make some progress with help from Ivory and her clone sisters. The Exode Trilogy is still very much a work in progress. Currently I'm trying to understand the tryp'At and their role in controlling my ability to share the secret history of Earth with a wider audience.

2016 update: Zodiac Control vs the IPX.

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