Feb 27, 2016

Gohrlay vs Thomas

The Foundations of Eternity
Gohrlay has merrily informed me that my account of her capture and punishment by Orbho Anagro is distorted in a way that speaks loudly of the deficiencies of my information sources. I'd previously felt confident about the details in that story because they were seemingly confirmed by Thomas Iwedon.

Back when Gohrlay started explaining to me about the errors that exist in my version of her life, I had some hope that I might be able to learn from Thomas how it was that his version of events was so far off the mark and so substantially wrong. That hope has slipped away.

Gohrlay recently explained to me the origins of the Ek'col. I now suspect that the tryp'At Overseers objected to Thomas being on Earth because he was a carrier of non-pek nanites. According to Gohrlay, she is not privy to Rules of Observation that the tryp'At are operating under, so all we can do is guess that a strict ban on alien technology is being enforced upon we Earthlings. If so, then it seems likely that Thomas was finally removed from Earth, even though he tried to stay.

origins of the Ek'col
Gohrlay's suspicions prompted me to enter into a new round of self-doubt and inner turmoil. I've long suspected that I carry information nanites from Thomas, so it seems possible that I'm also contaminated by alien technology.

However, Gohrlay suggests that even if I did at one time carry non-pek nanites, their information content could have long since been handed over to neurons and/or pek nanites, leaving by body free of all signs of alien contact.

I must add that Gohrlay is not worried about the possible presence of non-pek nanites inside of my body. She believes that I am a tryp'At operative and therefore exempt from any rules pertaining to Earthlings. When I objected to Gohrlay's suggestion that I am tryp'At by insisting that I was born on Earth to human parents, she claimed that nothing prevents a human woman from giving birth to a tryp'At.

Last year, Gohrlay outlined for me her path of entry into the Final Reality. With Gohrlay's "help", I have tried to piece together the story of my own origins. I was given an opportunity to research our origins in the Ekcolir Reality. I do fear that I might have been "fed" some false information about Deep Time, but I must use the information that is available to me.

First Life
original cover
I've long known that Gohrlay's first life began with her role as an Observer, operating out of a secret base "on the Moon". I must place "on the Moon" in quotes because it is only the entrance to that base that is in some way linked to the Moon. Observer Base is apparently "in" the Hierion Domain.

According to Gohrlay, Observer Base was created and run by the Grendels. Those Grendel Overseers took on human form and played various "games" to mollify the pek. In particular, by using developmental control nanites, the Overseers made sure that the Observers (such as Gohrlay) had Preland-like features such as nanite-assisted feeding and artificially-controlled reproductive behavior.

original cover
First Contact with Grendels
Gohrlay's discovery of evidence of artificial gene insertion into the remaining human population of Earth (humans were being displaced by Prelands) was carefully orchestrated so as to provide a pretext for destructively scanning Gohrlay's brain structure.

We know that Gohrlay was somehow able to survive the destructive brain scan, but it is not clear to me that either Gohrlay or Thomas had/has access to the facts about how Gohrlay ended up on Many Sails.

According to Gohrlay, my "Thomas Nanites" were programmed to provide me with the basic outline of the story of her "first life", but I was expected to invent additional details while writing the story. Gohrlay feels that I can either just stay with the original story or re-write it as I see fit, but she's not interested in writing her version.

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