Jun 18, 2016

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In the Ekcolir Reality
Three of my favorite science fiction topics in this blog are Jack Vance, Star Trek and Isaac Asimov. Vance was born in 1916, so all this year I have been celebrating 100 years of Vance. The original Star Trek was beamed into homes starting on September 8th, 1966. Later this year, I want to have a special blog post to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek (here it is).

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock" that I used to create the blue "sedronite" who is in the image shown to the right.

I'm already working on a blog post that will "go live" next year, before April 6th 2017. Asimov died on that date in 1992. I don't want to celebrate the loss of Asimov 25 years ago, particularly since within the Exodemic Fictional Universe he continues to live on with all of his memories and his mad obsession with writing still intact: all bundled up in the form of an artificial life form.

First Contact in the Final Reality
Recently, I was working on my special April 6th blog post when Gohrlay mentioned a book that the analogue of Asimov published in the Ekcolir Reality: Guide to Earth and Aliens. At that point in Deep Time, the alien Fru'wu had not yet arrived on Earth, but it was an open secret that an official First Contact special event would soon take place. Asimov and others associated with the Writers' Block had long been preparing Earthlings for First Contact in that Reality.

Foundations of Eternity
In our Reality, the day of First Contact with the Buld came and went with little notice, just like all of the previous such alien contact events on Earth. In a very real sense, Earth was too well prepared for First Contact. When the Buld spaceship arrived in Washington, there were a few miserable refuges waiting to escape from this primitive planet, but otherwise nobody cared.

The arrival of the Buld was little more than a timing device. By the technical terms of Huaoshy ethical laws, creatures such as we Earthlings are not supposed to know about alien visitors who arrive on our world and who have more advanced technology than we do. However, under one carefully argued interpretation of the terms of the Rules of Intervention, the Buld were judged to be our technological equals, so, strictly speaking, there is no reason why we should not know about their visit to Earth.

Luri offers to save Earth
The potential problem with the arrival of the Buld was that they had been given access to sophisticated spaceship technology. They had no idea how their speed-of-light spaceship worked, but the Buld were certainly capable of transporting other visitors to Earth from distant planets. Through the years, Earth had become "contaminated" with special Sedronite genes that gave a few Earthlings (such as Angela Fersoni) access to advanced technological knowledge as it existed on Earth in Deep Time. There was potential danger in the combination of that Buld spaceship and knowledge of hierions that had been obtained by Angela.

50 years of Star Trek
In my imagination, in the Exodemic Fictional Universe, a copy of Asimov was able to live on into our future. It is fun to imagine that the "Asimov analogue" was able to be transported into our future before the Huaoshy put an end to time travel.

Another pleasant fantasy is that the time traveling Asimov might find his way back to us in 2017.

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