Jun 25, 2016

Search for the Start

Planet of the Fru'wu
Once again hard work pays off!

Gohrlay's Past Lives
The flood gates finally opened after weeks of me begging for information about events in her life that occurred between 1) the First Reality and 2) those events that I have previously learned about corresponding to the life of her analogue in the Ekcolir Reality. Gohrlay just gave me a briefing on her strange life in the Asimov Reality and now my head is spinning. Gohrlay's words have finally given me access to a batch of memories that were previously forced into my mind by infites and then left there to quietly incubate.

building R. Gohrlay
Several years ago, back before I even was aware of the Exode, I imagined that I knew the starting point for what I now understand to be the Exode Trilogy. I believed that starting pointing was Gohrlay, a woman from the First Reality who "donated" the structure of her brain for use as the foundational template that was needed for the manufacture of humanoid positronic robots.

Many of my investigative efforts during the past few years have been directed towards the study of Deep Time, the past Realities that existed in our Reality Chain. In this task, I've been "assisted" by a small group of collaborators who have provided me with access to information about our past Realities.

First Contact; Buld Reality
In a disturbingly bizarre turn of events, my current collaborator is none other than Gohrlay herself. Gohrlay is a Fixed Point in our space-time, an individual who has had analogues in many Realities all the way from the First Reality to the Final Reality.

The Ivory Inversion
Two years ago, when Ivory Fersoni was my chief collaborator, I was forced to alter my conception of where to begin the Exode Trilogy. Now, with the guidance of Gohrlay, I'm re-conceptualizing the beginning of Foundations of Eternity. Originally, I was aware of how Gohrlay was captured on Earth and convicted of criminal Interventionism. More recently, Gohrlay has shared with me some details about her earlier life in the First Reality leading up to her criminal exploits.

original cover art by James Teason
Now I've received startling information about Gohrlay's adventures in the Asimov Reality. One of Gohrlay's new revelations about that Reality is that there was also a First Contact event in the Asimov Reality.

Previously I'd learned about the arrival of the Buld on Earth in the Final Reality and a similar First Contact event with the Fru'wu in the Ekcolir Reality. I've long been saddened by the fact that First Contact between Earthlings and aliens passed without me even being aware of the event here in our Reality. Given my knack for accumulating missed opportunities, I feel somewhat pleased to learn why a bumbler like me has been thrust into the role of editing the Exode Saga. Apparently. "my" involvement in the Exode can be traced back to my partial analogue in the Asimov Reality.

In the Ekcolir Reality
original cover art by Antonio Schomburg
Most importantly, Gohrlay's contiguity of memory going all the way back to the First Reality was initially established in the Asimov Reality. This fact makes the story of Gohrlay's life in the Asimov Reality a logical starting place for the Exode Saga. Gohrlay's rediscovery of her first life is a dramatic story that nicely and naturally leads into Asimov's own first contact with positronic robots.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Gohrlay's new revelations about the Asimov Reality concerns implications for my own origins. I'd been led to believe that I was slipped into the Reality Chain of Earth in the Ekcolir Reality, but Gohrlay insists that she knew my partial analogue in the Asimov Reality.

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