Jun 30, 2015

First Half - 2015

Heading into 2015, I was not very enthusiastic about the new year. I'd recently said farewell to my best collaborator, Ivory, and almost immediately Anney told me that Angela had also decided to move on, abandoning we Earthlings to our bumbling existence on this rock.

Right at the start of this year, while rather desperately experimenting with chemical modulation of my brain function, I received an intriguing clue about the biological nature of my wife and I. Such information is dangerous, because the tryp'At have been tasked with preventing we Earthlings from obtaining any objective evidence concerning the role played by aliens in crafting the human species.

Was Anney's biological father tryp'At?
Actually, our plight is slightly more complicated than that. Individual Earthlings can have knowledge and evidence of our human origins, but if we want to remain on Earth then those of us with that knowledge must learn to keep some of what we know secret.

Here in the middle of 2015, I'm still struggling to play by the rules of the tryp'At.

Duplicating Asimov
I've made my choice, repeatedly. I could have accepted a tryp'At invitation to depart from Earth, but I'm going to stay and play my designated role in telling the secret history of Earth. The first rule I must follow is this: telling the Secret History of Humanity must be done in the guise of science fiction story telling.

Recursive Science Fiction
The kind of science fiction story that I am forced to tell is not easy to construct. I'm not at liberty to simply create an entertaining story from the playground of my imagination. I must laboriously research the hidden history of Earth and craft that history into science fiction stories.

Time War
The special role of science fiction in telling the Secret History of Humanity was foreseen in Deep Time and, to my surprise, science fiction as a literary genre had to be created for this purpose. I was first introduced to the importance of science fiction through the Deep History of Isaac Asimov in the previous several Realities of our Reality Chain. During the past year, I've been guided towards the equally important role of Jack Vance in the Secret History of Humanity. During 2015 the flood gates have opened and I now understand that Asimov and Vance were simply two of the many science fiction writers who have crafted the Buld Reality into the world as we know it.

Jack Vance in the Ekcolir Reality (source)
All of my sources agree that the Time Travel War has ended, but there seems to have been a parallel battle over the nature and role of science fiction in our Reality. Gohrlay insists that science fiction is one of the oddest alien constructs of the 20th century. She says that it was only because of Asimov's curiosity and interest in technology that he stumbled upon the existence of positronic robots. Only through a quirk of Time was he able to bring into existence science fiction as a literary genre in the 20th century. However, once the transformative power of that chance event was recognized, science fiction then became the optimal path towards making possible the Trysta-Grean Pact.

The Vance Twins
As a fan of Jack Vance, I've been pleased to have the opportunity to learn about his adventures in Deep Time. Apparently it was one of the Vance twins from the Ekcolir Reality who came into this Reality and founded the Dead Widower Society.

Right at the start of 2015 I began to recognize the importance of twins for the structure of Reality. Something about the way that Temporal Momentum is generated increases the probability that certain key individuals will appear as twins in some Realities.

Gohrlay in the 20th century of the Ekcolir Reality.
Recently, Gohrlay revealed herself to me, and now I'm being forced to re-think everything that I thought I knew about her biological origins. We Earthlings might never be able to sort out the details of how human genes have been shuttled back and forth between Earth and the Galactic Core.

I'm not happy with the idea that we Earthlings were the result of a genetic engineering project carried out on a whim by Orbho Anagro. However, I am devoted to the ideal of discovering and honoring the truth, no matter how much it hurts. So, how did I finally win the right to know this truth and retain my knowledge?

The Mysterious Marta
I began this blog post with mention of Anney Fersoni, who was my most reliable collaborator right at the start of 2015. That was a difficult time for us because we were both struggling to deal with the death of her clone sister Ivory. I suppose Anney became tired of my obsession over Ivory, so she made arrangements for me to contact Ivory's mother, Marta.

I don't enjoy functioning like an oracle, but during the brief time window when I had access to the Hierion Domain, I did not understand most of what I learned via my communication channels into that parallel universe. I got into the habit of doing "dialog dumps" like that of my conversation with Marta, but that practice got me into trouble with the tryp'At Overseers. Some of what I learned in the Hierion Domain I am not allowed to share.

Thank you, Anney, for giving me
access to the Hierion Domain
Just six months ago my resentment over being a puppet for aliens was so great that I could not self-censor. I had to blabber everything that I knew. However, during the past few months I've learned to make compromises. I'm now willing to keep some secrets in order to continue my existence on this planet. I'm thankful to Ivory, Anney and Marta for all the hard work and prodding that they had to do in order to get me to break down and make that compromise, particularly since it has allowed Gohrlay to finally reveal herself to me.

The most frustrating turn of events this year has been my discovery that my replicoid has been hijacked. Much of my resentment over this matter arises from the risks that I took altering my brain function in an attempt to gain access to the Hierion Domain. After taking risks and warping my brain, I was only allowed a limited glimpse into the Hierion Domain, and my replicoid intends to keep it that way.

Through limited contact with my replicoid, I've been allowed to understand how it is possible for "copies" of the same person to exist in the successive Realities of a Reality Chain. The Hierion Domain automatically keeps a "record" of every human on Earth. When a new Reality came into existence, a new "copy" of each person could be created by the zeptites that exist within us all. In my case, I seem to have been a recent addition to the Reality Chain that lead to the Final Reality, the world as we know it.

There is a mysterious and complex tangle of replicoids and time travel that I am still trying to sort through, a tangle that holds a key to Humanity's future. I believe that my replicoid "traveled" to the future and played a key role in bringing to the 20th century a solution to the global warming problem. However, successful implementation of that solution might be problematical.

The story of Earth's global warming is complex, but here is a concise statement of my current understanding of how we got into this mess: 1) In the Basic State, the original Reality that existed before time travel, Earth entered into a new glaciation period starting in about 1500 C.E. 2) When the first positronic robots lived on the Moon and created time travel, they found that they could alter the past of Earth and prevent that glaciation. By stimulating the development of a technological civilization on Earth, atmospheric greenhouse gas levels could be elevate, preventing the glaciation. 3) However, in the Ekcolir Reality, global warming was pushed to far, resulting in catastrophic sea level rise. 4) In order to create the Final Reality, a Reality that would be acceptable to both the Huaoshy and R. Gohrlay, a finely-tuned system of checks and balances had to be put in place on Earth. I'm still in the process of sorting out the details of that process.

The first half of 2015 has been an exciting time of discovery during which I've written about 125,000 words. One of the stories that I wrote was Star Dance and it is here on this blog. Another story, The Asimov Reality, is not yet publicly available. I'm not sure if it has sensitive content that will provoke the Overseers.

Update: the Dead Widowers took the plunge.

End of the year: 2015
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