Aug 13, 2016

Pallis Atwrode

Recently, I gave a rendition of Trysta's early life as it had been sketched for us by Angela. Today I was discussing Trysta with my current collaborator Gohrlay. The conversation turned to Angela's account of Trysta's early life, back when she was known as "Skaña". Trysta Iwedon was the cover name adopted by Skaña when she first began living on Earth in the 20th century.

R. Gohrlay and Gohrlay
Trysta arrived in the 20th century of the Foundation Reality, so it is a challenge to sort through the available information stores of the Hierion Domain and reconstruct events in that Reality. More challenging still is verifying tales concerning the early life of Trysta that occurred in the far upwhen (future) of the Malansohn Reality.

Gohrlay is apparently in possession of information that R. Gohrlay had accumulated concerning the early life of Skaña. According to Gohrlay, Angela's account of Skaña's early life is quite misleading. Below, I summarize the key differences between Angela's account and the historical record as it was passed from R. Gohrlay to Gohrlay and, today, to me.

According to Gohrlay, Skaña grew up in a community that was named after its local environmental conditions and given a name that we can reasonably translate into English as "Greentown". Gohrlay agrees with Angela that Skaña grew up in the 61 virginis system. However, Gohrlay believes that the habitation domes of Greentown were not located on an asteroid and supplied by artificial gravity, but rather, were on a planet with Earth-like gravity.

in the Hierion Domain
Gohrlay admits that such a planet has not yet been observed by Earth's astronomers in the 61 virginis system. In fact, Gohrlay is not sure that they ever will. Gohrlay believes that Greentown might have even been a simulation existing within the Hierion Domain. Also, there is evidence that the Earth-like planet where Greentown was located could have been an "artificial planet" or "rogue planet" temporarily placed in that star system.

Regardless of the actual galactigraphical location of Greentown, according to Gohrlay it was an important center for human genetic experimentation. Gohrlay believes that the Asterothropes were artificially evolved at Greentown.

Pallis Atwrode
Another Genetics Experiment
While we discussed Greentown, Gohrlay mentioned that Pallis Atwrode grew up on another planet where there were also long-lasting experiments in the artificial selection of humans. As described by Jack Vance in Star King, Pallis was born on the planet Ys. On that world, social conditions and marriage customs allowed for extensive human in-breeding. According to Gohrlay, Deleterious genes were secretly removed from the population by femtobot-mediated genetic engineering.

in the Ekcolir Reality
Gohrlay suspects that the human breeding project on Ys was carried out by Interventionists who were trying to use Pallis as a human tool for infiltration of a pek-instigated human genetics projects. Due to her special genotype, Pallis was apparently able to function efficiently as a "Bimanoid Anchor Point".

I'm not sure what a "Bimanoid Anchor Point" is, but from the description provided to me by Gohrlay, it seems like Pallis was the perfect infiltrator. The plan was for the rather exquisite phenotypic features of Pallis to attract the attention of the Demon Prince known as Malagate. Once in residence on "Teehalt's planet", Pallis could have then at any time been "taken control of" by her replicoid in the Hierion Domain and used to collect genetic data from the experimental test subjects on that planet. This plan became moot when Gersen killed Malagate and the timeline was shifted in another direction.

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