Aug 19, 2016

Morphology of Temporal Attractors

Anney's Hypothesis
One of the great successes achieved by Anney was tracing the evolution of Realities all the way back to the Malansohn Reality. Sadly, the investigations of past Realities that were carried out by the Atlantis Clones only skimmed the surface of Deep Time.

1, 2, 3
During that recent evolution of Realities, there was first a dramatic shift in the morphology of Realities from one dominant temporal basin of attraction to three. The Malansohn Reality was dominated by one large temporal basin of attraction, but it had a distinctive spike, rather like a unicorn horn. The Malansohn Reality had been specifically crafted as a transitional Reality that would allow for the quick and efficient creation of the Foundation Reality. According to Gohrlay, that spike is a morphological representation of the Asterothropes, the artificially constructed primate species that was designed and crafted by R. Gohrlay.

The resent evolution of Reality
In the Foundation Reality there were two great temporal basins of attraction, one representing futures in which the telepathic Second Foundationers came to secretly control the galaxy. The second temporal basin of attraction led to a set of other possible futures where Galaxia formed and absorbed Humanity into a single telepathically-linked group mind.

Five Realities
As told by Isaac Asimov in his Foundation's Edge, and confirmed by Anney, it was Galaxia that came to dominate our galaxy just before the start of the Time Travel War.

Reality Viewing
Near the start of the Time War, the Asimov analogue from the Foundation Reality became a time traveler and helped the Kac'hin bring into existence the Asimov Reality. The Asimov Reality contained "two copies" of Asimov, one from the Foundation Reality and the other an Asimov analogue who had been born in the Asimov Reality. The "older Asimov" mentored the "younger Asimov" and helped him become a famous science fiction author.

The First Reality
original dimensional structure
I recently asked Gohrlay about the morphological features of the First Reality. She reminded me that when our universe first came into existence, it had a symmetrical dimensional structure. There were three groups of spatial dimensions with three spatial dimensions in each group, for a total of 9 spatial dimensions.

a small part of the first temporal attractor
The first temporal attractor  had a complex structure that reflected those three sets of three dimensions. Each of the three sets of dimensions was associated with a different form of matter, the hadrons, the hierions and the sedrons. Due to differences in the behavior of these three classes of fundamental particles, the morphology of the first temporal attractor was complex and not perfectly symmetrical.

core region of the second attractor
After the Huaoshy carried out their first dimensional engineering project, a new temporal attractor came into existence that was built around a distinctive core that had a dyadic symmetry.

altered dimensional structure
The diadic symmetry of that new temporal attractor reflected the new dimensional structure of the universe (image to the right).

temporal attractor of the Basic State
with two "spikes"
However, time travel was not possible in either the ground state or the newly made transitional state. The Huaoshy performed an additional round of dimensional engineering, after which it was possible to travel faster than the speed of light.

That second dimensional engineering event also made time travel possible. The resulting "First Reality" was governed by a temporal attractor that had one dominant basin of attraction and two smaller "spikes". This was what Asimov referred to as "the Basic State" in his novel The End of Eternity.

dimensional structure
of the Basic State
Those two symmetrical spikes were eventually engineered by R. Gohrlay into the single "merged spike" of the Malansohn Reality. According to Gohrlay, it was only such a merged spike that could focus enough temporal energy to bring into existence the Foundation Reality.

Foundation Reality
Gohrlay suggests that the nearly symmetrical two-basin strange temporal attractor of the Foundation Reality was inherently unstable. In some sense, it was an "invitation" to the Kac'hin to begin the Time War. As soon as the Kac'hin started using time travel technology to alter the historical timeline of Earth, they cause a three-basin temporal attractor to come into existence. Ever since then, the temporal attractor of the universe has retained that fundamental three-basin structure.

In the Ekcolir Reality
Those three temporal basins of attraction are in some mysterious way related to the three major forms of matter. Hadrons exist only in one of the three sets of 3 spatial directions. Hierions have more dimensional flexibility and can reside along with hadrons not only in the conventional universe, but also in another "part" of the universe defined by the set of 3 hierion dimensions.

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock" that I used to create the blue "sedronite" who is in the image shown to the right.

Sendrons have the most flexibility and are present in all of the dimensional levels of the universe. Their command of sedron-based technologies such as zeptites is what allowed the Huaoshy to force R. Gohrlay into a negotiated end to the time war.

The recent part of our Reality Chain
According to Gohrlay, those three basins of temporal attraction act to force upon Earth three different possible types of future. As was the case in the Asimov Reality, some of the possible futures for Earth involved a nuclear catastrophe.

In the case of the Ekcolir Reality, the future of Earth was dominated by global warming and catastrophic sea level rise.

the Final Reality
The third basin of temporal attraction involves futures where Earth does not become radioactive and the Antarctic ice cap also stays intact. However, there are other potential catastrophes lurking in the future (see the extinction curve).

The Buld Realities
When I first learned about the existence of our Reality Chain, I made a simplifying assumption. I imagined that there were only four Reality Changes between the Malansohn Reality and the Buld Reality. I now understand that there were many relatively minor variants of the Asimov, Ekcolir and Buld Realities. Due to temporal inertia, most Reality Changes do not alter he basic morphology of the temporal attractor that controls the shape of Time.

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