Dec 29, 2016

Bimanoid Interface

In the Ekcolir Reality.
Original art by Luis Royo.
When I received collections of infites from Thomas and Izhiun, I was able to deduce the fundamental operating modes of the Bimanoid Interface. In the case of Parthney (who is a clone of Thomas and whose mind was shaped by developmental control nanites while growing up on Yrwerd), the Bimanoid Interface can be used in two ways:
1) so as to allow "conversations" with his own replicoid (residing within the Hierion Domain)
2) so as to allow unconscious "downloads" of information from the Sedronic Domain into his brain.

Bimanoid Symbiont
Technically, it is not wise to say "into his brain". Back in 2013 I was using the term "bimanoid symbiont" to refer to the zeptite endosymbiont that resides inside of each person. When information is pushed from the Sedronic Domain to Parthney, is first goes directly to his zeptite endosymbiont. That information can then be integrated into Parthney's neural network, becoming a functioning part of his mind.

I am deeply troubled by the idea that humans can be subjected to this sort of "programming" by our zeptite endosymbionts. To some extent, R. Gohrlay won for we Earthlings a chance to at least partially escape from the influence of our zeptite endosymbionts, but I suspect we are still heavily under the influence of behavioral control signals generated by our zeptite endosymbionts.

Yōd thinks I'm silly to make a distinction between "my mind" as I conceive it and my mind as a product of a triumvirate: my neurons, my femtobot endosymbiont and my zeptite endosymbiont.

Bimanoid Interface
The technical term "bimanoid interface" has slowly crept into use on Earth by people who do not really understand the meaning of the term. I've been told that "bimanoid interface" is actually a physical connection between human brain cells and a person's zeptite endosymbiont; a kind of hack by Interventionists who were trying to give humans a communications channel to the Hierion Domain.

That connection or "interface" is composed of femtobots. The story of how a femtobot adapter was designed for human brains is told in A Search Beyond, the first book of the Exode Saga.

My working hypothesis is that the Trysta Truce in the Asimov Reality was an effort to provide Earthlings with a Bimanoid Interface. It maybe that only a select subset of humans have a functioning Bimanoid Interface. It might be that having a functioning Bimanoid Interface is the defining characteristic of the tryp'At.

In the Ekcolir Reality. Original
cover art by Edmund Emshwiller.
It remains to be determined if using the Bimanoid Interface is intended to be the means by which tryp'At Overseers guide Earthlings into a safe future. Alternatively, it might be imperative that most Earthlings come to share the special gene combinations that were provided to the tryp'At. Zeta favors this hypothesis and she suggests that the Bimanoid Interface is actually a way to "re-calibrate" the effectiveness of our zeptite endosymbionts, making them a better fit to the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact.

According to Yōd, the original zeptite endosymbionts for humans functioned to prevent humans from ever having a technologically advanced civilization. The Bimanoid Interface is designed to allow humans to explore new technologies while also giving us a chance to avoid destroying ourselves.

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