Dec 18, 2016


In the Ekcolir Reality
Original cover art by John Richards
I'm endlessly curious about the forms of technology that were provided to Earthlings in past Realities. When sedron-based space travel technology was provided to humans during the Asimov Reality, that allowed Earthlings to spread among the stars, but there was very little progress made towards developing other types of technology.

Zeta suspects that human cognitive processes were carefully restricted during the Asimov Reality to such an extent that technological innovations of all types became quite rare. Many observers have blamed the Institute for suppressing new technologies. We should be open to the possibility that technological stagnation was imposed upon humans by the Huaoshy.

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock" that I used to create the blue "sedronite" who is in the image to the right.

Temporal Momentum
In chapter 6 of A Search Beyond, the Asimov replicoid receives a demonstration of how it is possible to use infites to insert new information into the mind of a replicoid. Asimov is not happy to learn how easy it is for others to manipulate his thought processes, but he agrees to make an attempt to help Yrovi gain access to stored information about the Asimov Reality that lies locked away inside Eternity.

I'm still concerned that chapter 6 is too talky, with too much jargon introduced too quickly. For example, Asimov is told about the basis of Temporal Momentum. I guess I will have to put Yōd to work making a glossary for A Search Beyond.

In chapter 7, readers are told about new information from the Asimov Reality that is leaked to the Editor. Behind the scenes, the Asimov replicoid has successfully bypassed the data interlocks that were preventing access to information about the Asimov Reality. Asimov is able to pass his newly obtained information to the Editor by way of the replicoids of Yōd and Zeta who reside in the Hierion Domain. For their part, not wanting to alert the Overseers to the fact that a new data channel has been constructed, Yōd and Zeta pretend that they have recovered a story that had previously been prepared for publication by the Dead Widowers.

The demise of the Earth Observation Program.
A Chapter Beyond
I'm thinking about inserting an additional chapter that was not included in Yōd's original outline of A Search Beyond. Chapter 7.5 could return readers to Observer Base and show Asimov and Mahasvin meeting a member of the Dead Widower Society who is being held prisoner by the Overseers.

In that proposed chapter 7.5, I'd like to have some more (telepathic) discussion between Nivsaham, Asimov and Mahasvin of the fact that the tryp'At Overseers seem to only have a very tentative control over the facilities at Observer Base. Also, there could be follow-up discussion of a little task that was completed by Nivsaham: experimental analysis of the "tracking nanites" that Asimov obtained from the Overseers.

Sachiz and Dockmon
Within chapter 7.5,  there should also be some rather hysterical reaction from Overseer Sachiz when the Editor is found to suddenly be in possession of new information about the Asimov Reality. It might be possible to frame this in terms of the bumbling attempts by Overseers to control the information about the Dead Widowers that exists on the internet.

Chapter 7.5 could also be some incidental discussion about Ivory, Yrovi and Irhit. The basic idea is that the tryp'At Overseers have been using Irhit to prevent the Editor from using the Bimanoid Interface. However, it might be possible for the Interventionists (particularly the technologically privileged Nivsaham) to further apply the Overseer's  "tracking nanites" in such a way that would allow the Interventionists to take action against Irhit in the Hierion Domain, returning to the Editor some control over the Bimanoid Interface.

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