Dec 29, 2016

Eanru House

Fiction in the Final Reality.
Cover art by Brian Lewis.
The Reality Change that brought our world into existence was complex. Some of that complexity involved a group of Interventionists who operated out of Eanru House. Due to temporal momentum, there were attempts at the start of the Buld Reality to continue the Interventionist program of the Writers Block so as to make use of the science fiction genre as a way to provide Earthlings with information about alien visitors to Earth. Exactly how extensive those "efforts" were is not clear because they were all "edited out" of existence by the time Earth had reached the Final Reality.

Just before the Final Reality.
Cover art by José Lima de Freitas,
Jose Rubios and Henry Van Dongen.
Zeta's replicoid has been exploring the archives of the Writers Block, paying particular attention to the fuzzy boundary between the Ekcolir Reality and the Final Reality. According to Zeta, one of the writers in the Buld Reality who had his stories "edited out" of the Final Reality was J. G. Ballard.

The Mayness Reality
Cover art by Bradshaw.
Just before the Final Reality, Ballard published what was intended to be a "warning" to the people of the Final Reality. That warning was motivated by events in the Ekcolir Reality, a Reality in which the Antarctic ice cap melted, sea levels rose nearly 200 feet and Earth's oceans became an acidic wasteland.

According to Zeta, in the Buld Reality, Ballard published a long science fiction poem in Ambit magazine. The year was 1959 and Ballard explicitly described the role of fossil fuel exploitation and burning as a source of greenhouse gases and global warming. Apparently the poem was mostly about how Cecilie worked to convince Ballard to write the poem. According to Yōd, the poetry version of "Science Fiction From Nowhere" had structural similarities to 'Endymion' by Keats. As the poem unfolds, Ballard slowly comes to realize that Cecilie is not from Earth, but rather, she is a constructed human who naturally resides in the Hierion Domain.

Just before the Final Reality.
Original cover art by Bob Adragna
and Gino D'Achille.
As one of the named character in "Science Fiction From Nowhere", Grean was depicted as trying to make sure that a team of Interventionists on Earth do not violate the Rules of Intervention. That was a difficult task because there was a well-coordinate team of Retrofuturians who were intent on sharing information about hierions and sedrons with the people of Earth. Finally, Cecilie and Grean reached an agreement by which the poem "Science Fiction From Nowhere" was "retracted" from Ambit, but inthe Final Reality Cecilie and Thomas were later be able to pass on some limited knowledge of hierions to the Editor.

Just how many such "retractions" and "cleanup jobs" were needed right before the Final Reality is not clear, but Shana Peterson (operating out of Eanru House) was apparently involved in publishing several of the "retracted" works. Zeta has identified James Schmitz as another author who had to be "edited" by Grean. Apparently Schmitz wrote a story called Exoplanet Legality that described in some detail how hierions were manufactured in the Triskelion star system during the Asimov Reality.

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