Dec 27, 2016


If only...
The Asimov replicoid that recently returned to Earth is now providing some interesting information to the Yōd replicoid in the Hierion Domain. Previously, I've heard tales about several worlds in the Galactic Core, particularly Tar'tron, Hemmal and Klyz. The planet Yrwerd has always been more mysterious.

Planet Yrwerd
At various times during the past few years I've been told that Gohrlay, the Ek'col, the tryp'At and the Kac'hin were apparently all designed and created on Yrwerd. I've developed the suspicion that Yrwerd was a world used by the pek for manufacturing new types of Sedronites.

Also, since learning that I am tryp'At, I've had some natural curiosity about the planet where my special gene combinations were assembled.

Escape from Yrwerd. Original
cover art by Walter Popp.
According to Yōd, the Asimov replicoid visited Yrwerd and spent about six months there. Apparently Asimov was given a choice: stay on Yrwerd and continue to learn about how the Ek'col and tryp'At were created, or leave with his memories edited so as to remove some of what he had already learned about the pek. He chose to leave Yrwerd while he could.

Yōd is intrigued by the possibility that information about Yrwerd might be available to Asimov within the Eternity simulation of the Asimov Reality. An account of Asimov's first use of the AR simulation is described here.

In the Ekcolir Reality.
Original cover art by Walter Popp and
Luis Royo.
I wonder if Yrwerd is similar to Tar'tron in that it played an important role in the Galactic Empire that Isaac Asimov wrote about in his Foundation Fictional Universe. It is possible that the Asimov replicoid with memories from the Foundation Reality passed information about Yrwerd to an analogue of Jack Vance when the Writers Block was being established.

Now I am impatiently awaiting a report from the Hierion Domain detailing the relationship between the Asimov and Vance analogues/replicoids in the far future of the Asimov Reality.
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