Oct 11, 2015

Time Portal

The Meteor Girl 1931
Travel through Time to save your own life!
In the previous millennium, before the internet, my favorite places in the world were libraries and book stores. These days, I get to sit in the comfort of my home and visit websites like Project Gutenberg.

Time Travel
One of my earliest memories of science fiction is from a Herbert Wells story, The Time Machine.

Mr. Wells first got into the time travel business by publishing 'The Chronic Argonauts' in 1888. The setting of Wells' story is Wales, a good enough reason for me to place the time-traveling Trysta Iwedon of the Exode Trilogy in Wales.

published in 1887 in the Ekcolir Reality
According to Gohrlay, Wells' analogue in the Ekcolir Reality was Hafren Wells. Hafren herself was a time-traveler and her life as a speculative fiction writer was launched when she broke her arm at a young age and began spending most of her time reading books. The important task of breaking Hafren's arm was left to her later time-traveling self.

When visited by her future self, the young Hafren became acquainted with the Hierion Domain and the ability of time travelers to appear in our three dimensional world by stepping through a portal from the Hierion Domain. Although the elder Hafren was allowed to travel through time, she never understood the advanced technology that made time travel possible.

1920s television in the Ekcolir Reality
Image Credits: Jamie-lee Lloyd  and Marcos Cruz
In the 1920s of the Ekcolir Reality, Hafren was executive producer for a television show called The Time Portal. In the Ekcolir Reality, video special effects were just being pioneered at that time, allowing for scenes in which time travelers could "step into Time", seemingly appearing out of thin air.

According to Gohrlay, my own interest in time travel was carefully managed by my replicoid. In particular, I was not allowed to even take seriously the idea of time travel until after the Huaoshy altered the dimensional structure of the universe and made time travel impossible. I think Gohrlay knows when that was done, but she refuses to tell me the exact year. I suspect in was in the late 20th century, but great secrecy seems to surround the exact date.

alternate title: War of the Nanoworld
Apparently Hafren was a crusader against nuclear war, but right at the end of her life she was among the first science fiction authors in the Ekcolir Reality to write about greenhouse gasses and global warming.

Hafren's stories about alien invasion all involved aliens who used nanotechnology. In her later years, Hafren stopped writing fiction and tried to convince the world that Earth really had been invaded by nanoscopic aliens. Before Hafren could make any progress in getting the world to take seriously the idea that Earth has been invaded and conquered long ago, she was taken out of her own time and moved into the Hierion Domain. According to Gohrlay, Hafren (or her replicoid) was briefly taken back to help with the Atossu Intervention before being sent back to in intervene in her own earlier life to make sure that she started her writing career.

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