Oct 18, 2015

All the Time in the World

A Maidyarem celebration in the Ekcolir Reality.
The science fiction genre's specialty television
network had an annual Maidyarem TV program.
In the previous Reality, Grean and R. Gohrlay designing the Final Reality. Their ability to agree on the shape of our universe allowed for a negotiated end to the Time Travel War and the terms of their agreement are what I call the Trysta-Grean Pact. Trysta Iwedon was R. Gohrlay's negotiator in the Ekcolir Reality.

I've long assumed that in the Ekcolir Reality and also well into the Buld Reality (the world as we know it), R. Gohrlay was hidden away in the Hierion Domain, providing an ever-present threat that the Time War could heat up again if the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact were not adhered to by the Huaoshy. However, my informant from Deep Time, Gohrlay, recently told me that R. Gohrlay's memories were long ago instantiated in the body of a Kac'hin, someone who Gohrlay refers to as KG.

The "X-Port" television special came during
an X-Files series reboot in the Ekcolir Reality.
I believe that ultimate repository for R. Gohrlay's vast store of memories was Gohrlay herself, a human who is now alive and living out her secret life on Earth. However, in recently past Realities, KG was apparently something of a "practice test" for the challenging prospect of fitting all of R. Gohrlay's memories into a humanoid mind.

According to Gohrlay, it was useful for R. Gohrlay to make use of a Kac'hin body during the final stage of the Time War. The Kac'hin were designed to function as a communications channel between the Huaoshy and humans. (Gohrlay objects to my "wimpy" characterization of the functional role of the Kac'hin. She prefers to say: "The Kac'hin allowed the Huaoshy to directly exert their will in the Hadronic Domain.")

Sleep Lover: in the Ekcolir Reality
Original cover art by Jack Faragasso
Sleep Physiology
In some sense, Gohrlay herself "lived" as KG. KG was a temporary phenomenon and ultimately, all the memories from KG were passed on to Gohrlay. So, I should trust Gohrlay as a valuable source of information about the Kac'hin, but I'm finding it difficult to believe everything that Gohrlay tells me about the Kac'hin. According to Gohrlay, the Kac'hin were engineered to have special sleep biology. For the Kac'hin, contact with the Sedronic Domain was possible only during sleep, not during waking consciousness.

Apparently the Kac'hin brain was quite active during REM sleep and the Kac'hin could "experience" the Sedronic Domain as a kind of virtual reality during REM sleep. According to Gohrlay, the Kac'hin also prefer to have sex during sleep. Gohrlay claims that two Kac'hin, even if separated by vast distances or time, can "meet" in the Sedronic Domain and interact, either for casual conversation or for intimate sexual contact.

Another edition of Sleep Lover
According to Gohrlay, R. Gohrlay exercised considerable control over the negotiation of the Trysta-Grean Pact by engineering an intimate relationship between Grean and KG during the time when Trysta and Grean were negotiating an end to end the Time War.

There were many experiments in the Ekcolir Reality with using science fiction to reveal to Earthlings the secret history of our planet. According to Gohrlay, Joan Lymington wrote an influential novel (Sleep Lover) that revealed much of the specialized sleep physiology of the Kac'hin.

According to Gohrlay, Joan was one of the science fiction story writers in the Ekcolir Reality who was aware of the existence of replicoids, as evidenced by her novel Replicoid Time

Apparently the Kac'hin brain is similar to that of the Prelands in that some brain regions, such as those that are important for eating behavior in humans, are instead used for other purposes. In the case of the Kac'hin, such brain regions are used for accessing information that exists within the Sedronic Domain.

in the Ekcolir Reality: Replicoid Time
Image Credits.
Sleep Lover was a time travel novel. According to Gohrlay, the story involved a rogue Kac'hin Interventionist from Luk'ru who was loosely modeled on KG. Another character in the story was a "Thomas clone" who struggled to awaken the population of Earth to the fact that humans had been created by space aliens.

The Kac'hin and that "Thomas clone" discover that they are inter-fertile and they set about using time travel to insert their children into Earth's past in an attempt to liberate humanity from the aliens.

In the Ekcolir Reality, Joan Lymington's imaginary duo (the "Kac'hin and the clone") became characters in a holiday special set in The X-files fictional universe. That television program, "X-Port", explored Dana Scully's religious beliefs after she obtains evidence indicating that Zoroaster was a time-traveling child of "a Kac'hin and a clone".

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