Jul 23, 2016


I've been writing about Prelands for several years, but, of course, I've never actually seen one. Originally, I first heard about Prelands from the perspective of the Buld. In the Galactic Core, the Buld crossed paths with Prelands on worlds such as Hemmal. Both Parthney and Kach grew up on Hemmal and Kach actually spent several years interacting with Prelands. However, it is not clear that even Kach ever saw the true physical features of the Prelands.

My ideas about the physical appearance of Prelands were strongly influenced by the infites that I received from Parthney.

Three artificial life forms and Parthney.
Center: one simulated human female.
Left + right: simulated Prelands.
Most of the Buld and Parthney apparently only ever saw impersonations of Prelands as performed by the pek who lived among the Buld on Hemmal. Those performances by the pek always emphasized the unusual facial features of the pek, particularly their small jaws and narrow mouths.

The Prelands of Hemmal are what Gohrlay calls "Core Prelands". Later, when I began to receive information from the Atlantis Clones, I started learning about the Prelands of Earth, the Giant Prelands.

The Sedronite family tree.
Thus, it is not clear that any human has ever actually seen a Core Preland and lived to tell the tale. However, rumor has it that Core Prelands are small and elf-like. However, such rumors might only be disinformation.

Most recently, I've been questioning Gohrlay about the nature of her fellow Observers when she lived her first life at Observer Base in the First Reality. Also, in the First Reality, there were "wild Prelands" living on Earth. I must classify all of the the Prelands known to Gohrlay as Giant Prelands, although there were differences between the wild Prelands and the "mock Prelands" of Observer Base.

Preland Overseers
One of the most confusing aspects of Preland biology is how the Prelands have been altered in various Realities of our Reality Chain. The Prelands of the First Reality had significant differences from the Prelands that are here in the Final Reality. When R. Gohrlay and the positronic robots of Earth took control of the galaxy, they were particularly upset by the existence of Prelands. The positronic robots were devoted to we humans and deeply offended by the fact that the pek had been systematically replacing humans with Prelands.

In ways that have never been explained to me, the positronic robots altered the basic genetic character of the Prelands. Some of those genetic modifications involved the transfer of Asterothrope gene combinations into the Prelands.

Prelands of the First Reality
Of course, the Observers (such as Gohrlay) were almost completely ignorant about the zeptite endosymbionts that had been used to give Observers a Preland-like body form. That was a small "joke" by the pek, who in the First Reality were very close to driving the human species into extinction and making the Prelands the dominant primate of Earth.

After the positronic robots took control of Observer Base, those robots and the Observers entered into a long period of discovery. Eventually some level understanding of nanotechnology was achieved among R. Gohrlay's tribe of robots, but it was not until after the negotiated end of the Time Travel War that anyone on Earth was allowed to fully understand the importance of Earth's zeptites. It was the Atlantis Clones such as Angela who were able to access the information resources of the Hierion Domain and construct an outline of how zeptite endosymbionts were used by the pek back in the First Reality of our Reality Chain.

It is only now, with the help of Gohrlay, that I am able to make sense of what Angela learned about zeptites. One of the capabilities of zeptites is that they can provide organisms such as we humans with complete protection from invaders such a viruses. However, when the Prelands were designed as the primate species that would replace humans on Earth, the pek were constrained by the ethical principles of the Huaoshy. In particular, the Prelands had to be an "integral life form" of Earth, not some foreign invader that was defended against Earthly microorganisms by zeptites.

I can only speculate about how the pek solved the problem of adapting Prelands to the viruses of Earth. It seems certain that the Prelands were designed and crafted on worlds of the Galactic Core such as Hemmal. While evolving new species on worlds in the core, the pek have always been careful to maintain linkages to Earth for continual update/exchange of viruses. Thus even before Prelands were placed on Earth, they were already resistant to Earthly viruses.

According to Gohrlay, the pek are masters of crafting multiple "versions" of the Prelands that are genetically identical, yet have distinct morphological features. By activating different developmental guidance programs in the zeptite endosymbionts of Prelands, two major types of Prelands can be produced:

1) The "Giant Prelands" were designed to be deployed on Earth and compete successfully against humans. The Prelands of Earth were constrained by their zeptite endosymbionts so as to make them adept tool users, but with very little capacity for tool creation and manufacture. The Prelands who were placed on Earth by the pek were meant to "immunize" Earth against possible development of a technologically sophisticated primate like humans. These Prelands of Earth were able to drive humans nearly to extinction on Earth. According to Gohrlay, the Giant Prelands were morphologically quite similar to we humans.

2) In contrast, the physical features of the "Core versions" of the Prelands were shaped by another type of developmental program as enforced upon them by their endosymbionts. The Core Prelands such as those of Hemmal could never be confused with humans. Core Prelands were artificial primates, forced to rely on nanite-assisted feeding and reproduction. For a time, there was a cadre of "elf-like' Core Prelands who carried out missions to Earth.

The Observers at Observer Base when Gohrlay had her brain scan were actually humans crafted to have body features similar to Core Prelands. They thought of themselves as being the source of the "next evolutionary step" that would produce another type of primate that would inherit Earth. Gohrlay is amused by my misguided efforts to depict the physical features of the Prelands, but she refuses to correct my errors.

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